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fr Nudity and Law

cov/bib_nuloi.jpg - Author : Roger Doublier
- Editor : Nature-Editions
13, rue Emile-Lepeu
75011 Paris
- Date : 1976

fr If Monta Was Told to Me

- Author : France Guillain, Marc Alain Descamps
- Editor : Edimag (Bordeaux)
- Date : 06-2000
- About : 50 years of history of this great naturist resort

fr History of Modesty

cov/bib_pudeur.jpg - Author : Jean-Claude Bologne
- Editor : Hachette Littératures
- Collection : Pluriel
- ISBN : 2012788807
- Date : 11-1997
- About : So great was the 'modesty' of the emperor Maximilen that he isolated himself in his restroom, 'without help of any servant'. So great was the 'modesty' of Isabelle of Castille that she preferred to die from ulcer but not to show her body. Doctors even had to administer her the extreme unction under the sheets, because she didn't want to show her feet. And what to say of Anne of Austria who has ordered many 'indecent' paintings to be destroyed; or Louis XIII who...
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fr All Nude from A to Z

- Author : Jean-Luc Bouland
- Editor : Société Arys (Paris) - Encre
- ISBN : 2864182998
- Date : 07-1997
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fr The Total Nudity of French Nudists

cov/bib_nuintegral.jpg - Author : Roger Salardenne
- Editor : Société Arys (Paris) - Encre
- ISBN : 2864183102
- Date : 07-1999
- About : Existent in Germany since 1903, the nudism has arrived to France only in 1925. And naturally, it is beyond the Rhine that its precursors will go in search of their models. Starting in 1930, Roger Salarden will find material for two books before closing the series by 'The integral nudity in the French nudists'. More than 65 years after its publication, this book seems to be written today. Written in a modern a vivid style, instructive and entertaining as well, the books guides us to the clubs of the Parisian region, including many 'first time experiences', the customs and habits of these men and women who live naked. Also, the critical point of view toward the nudism (naturism), some of the behavior of its followers, some joy lived ans shared with the reader, all seem to be outside the time, and to be very up-to-date to the beginners of the end of the century...
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fr Cult of Nudity

- Author : Roger Salardenne
- Editor : Prima
- ISBN : 2864183102
- Date : 1929
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fr The Clothed and the Nude. For an Ethics of the Clothed and of the Naked

cov/bib_habille_nu.gif - Author : André Guindon
- Editor : Le Cerf
- Collection : Recherches Morales
- ISBN : 2204058769
- Date : 1997
- About : The author of this book on the nudity and the clothes has been professor of moral theology at Saint-Paul University in Ottawa.
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fr Nudity and Shame: The Myth of the Civilization Process

- Author : Hans Peter Duerr, André Burguière
- Editor : Maison des Sciences de l'Homme
- ISBN : 2735107884
- Date : 12-1998
- About : NACKHEIT UND SCHAM. Hans Peter Duerr's history of the culture and ethnnology of the sexual shame includes not only the history of the Western world from its beginning, but also the history of people who lived on the border of the so called high civilization.
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de Nudity and Shame: The Myth of the Civilization Process

cov/bib_nacktheit.jpg - Author : Hans Peter Duerr, André Burguière
- Editor : Suhrkamp
- ISBN : 3518387855
- Date : 1994
- About : NACKHEIT UND SCHAM. Hans Peter Duerr's history of the culture and ethnnology of the sexual shame includes not only the history of the Western world from its beginning, but also the history of people who lived on the border of the so called high civilization.
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fr The Civilization of Manners

- Author : Norbert Elias
- Editor : Pocket
- Collection : Agora, numéro 49
- ISBN : 2266032828
- Date : 11-1989
- About : Translation from German (1973). What were good table manners in the Middle Ages? How people cleaned their nose at Renaissance? When first appeared the notition of chastity associated to the sexiual behaviour? Norbert Elias analyzes the customs of the western civilization and studies their changes from the end of the Middle Ages to the contemporary time. Funny and unexpected examples, little known texts with plenty of surprises deliciously flavor this book. From a mischievous song to a textbook of savoir-vivre, from a monologue of moralist to a collection of proverbs, every time splendidly commented, Norbert Elias gives anew and original meaning to the word 'civilization', based on the concrete study of customs. This book of a precursor became a classical of sociology.
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fr BODY OF WOMEN, GLANCES OF MEN - Sociology of naked breasts

cov/bib_corps.jpg - Author : Jean-Claude Kaufmann
- Editor : Pocket
- Collection : Agora
- ISBN : 2266083473
- Date : 04-1999
- About : The method of Jean-Claude Kauufmann: take a simple element of our everyday life, inquire to the depth and reveal by this the hidden aspects of the societal functioning. The theme of the present inquiry: the naked breasts on the beaches. He gives us the details of a behaviour apparently not important but codified by a set of very strict but secret rules: every woman must respect a behavior dictated by her morphology, age, culture and the context on the beach...
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fr Geography of Nudity

- Author : Francine Barthe, J.F. Staszak
- Editor : Bréal
- Collection : D'autre part
- ISBN : 2842919750
- Date : 09-2003
- About : Francine Barthe, 50, professor at the University of Amiens-Picardie, studies geography at CNRS. The geography of the nudity.
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fr To Live the Naturism

cov/bib_vivrenaturism.jpg - Author : France Guillain
- Editor : Presses du Management
- Collection : Littérature
- ISBN : 2878455460
- Date : 08-2002
- About : Far from ordinary people misconceptions, the naturism is in fact a life style, a life philosophy, a look on the world which helps us to understand ourselves, to find again the values such as shyness, respect of people, of self and of the nature, which become natural when we shed off clothes. Confusing it with the nudism is common, nevertheless the naturism is recognized as a social way of life. The proof is the control exercized by the French Federation over the naturist resorts.
France Guillain makes a live portrait of the life of the naturism in France, from its beginnings to the probable future. The essential thing is the transmission of humane values, the liberation of the self regarding the body. Finally, there is nothing to see at the naturist places, but essentially to live through!
At the end, an exhaustif guide of different clubs and resorts.
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fr The Joy to be Naked - Naturism, an Art of Living

- Author : France Guillain
- Editor : Albin Michel
- ISBN : 2226093540
- Date : 01-2000
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fr Happiness on the Sea

cov/bib_bonheurmer.jpg - Author : France Guillain, Christian Guillain
- Editor : J'ai lu
- Collection : Documents n° 72
- ISBN : 222102530X
- Date : 1976
- About : She is France, she spent her childhood without joy in Tahiti. He is Christian, he came from metropolitan France, in quest of legends of the southern seas. Laurence is born when they are ready to embark on Alpha, a yacht of 9,50 m. Her parents don't hesitate a minute to take the baby just three weeks old on this trip through Atlantic and Pacific. After 10 years of adventures on water, they understood that their happiness lies well on water.
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fr Three Litt' Sailors... Then They go

- Author : Magdeleine Perret, Bernard Perret
- Editor : SORACOM
- Date : 06-1984
- About : Account of voyage on a sailboat in a family
Take some sun
In the hollow of the hands,
A bit of sun
And leave.

Go on the wind,
Follow your dream.
Leave this very moment,
The youth is so short!

There are roads
Unknown to men,
There are roads
So light!

Do not regret
What tou leave behind,
Look there
The horizon is bright.

Far, always further,
Leave singing.
The world belongs
To those who have nothing.

- Illustrations : Ill. 1 Ill. 2 Ill. 3 Ill. 4 Ill. 5

fr Clothed with the Sun

cov/bib_habitsoleil.jpg - Author : Roger Polvé
- Editor : La Roudoule
- About : This book draws pictures full of life and a special look on the fugitive grace of the childhood... This is about a long naturist adventure and a slow initiation to this art of life. Follow the years and the chapters, and discover a few naturist resorts in France and all their joy of life.

fr Holiday Memories

- Author : André Di Maio
- Illustrator : Louis Boilley, Roger Portal
- Editor : Centre Naturiste International de la Méditerranée. Editions Royales. Bordeaux
- Date : 1967
- About : Naturism in Cap d'Agde in 1967.

fr I am, You are, We are...

cov/bib_jesuistues.jpg - Author : Peimpourte
- Editor : La Bruyère
- ISBN : 284014882X
- Date : 10-2002
- About : Utopia. Will the future society have the right to live naked?
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fr Get Down Hijab!

- Author : Chahdortt Djavann
- Editor : Gallimard
- Collection : Blanche
- ISBN : 2070735346
- Date : 08-2003
- About : We are in France, country of human rights, but some families beleive they have the power to put hijab on their underage daughters. What does it mean, put a hijab on girls? It means make sexual objects of them (...) What is hidden, is in fact shown, the forbidden is the other side of the desire (...) The hijab puts the child or the teen on the market of sex and marriage, it defines her by and for the eye of the men essentially, by and for the sex and the marriage
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fr Naturism, a Paradise Rediscovered?

cov/bib_paradisretrouve.jpg - Author : François Delion
- Editor : Edition no 1
- ISBN : 286391619X
- Date : 1994
- About : The film made by Robert Salis, 'To Live Naked, The Quest of the Lost Paradise', aired on TF1 (France) in 1994, has given a fresh look on the naturism and received a huge enthusiasm from the public. A video cassette of the full version of this film exists now, distributed by WEA. The book, 'The Naturism, a Found Paradise?' follows the movie's steps and let us fully enter this world, so unfamiliar and so charming.
What can unite Léo, 48, a bank CEO, Maud, 16, a student, Madeleine, 68, retired, Hans, 35, a mechanic, Roger, 61, a former policeman, Joëlle, 31, an insurance employee and the little Jerry, 10 years old? They come from different social levels, different places, and yet they often come together, especially in summer. Naked. In Montalivet, la Genèse, or Héliomonde, people get rid of their clothes as soon as the weather invites them to do so, in family most of the time, in full respect of others and the environment. The social barriers seem to come down as easily as the clothes. This gives these places a feeling of the paradise on Earth.
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fr Naked in Paradise

- Author : Michael Von Graffenried
- Editor : Falguières
- ISBN : 2881000703
- About : Michael von Graffenried was born in Switzerland in 1957. Self-taught, he began working as a photographer in 1978.
An extraordinary and very funny account of everyday life at a Swiss nudist camp. Picnics, calisthenics, team sports, music-making and quiet conversation are the order of the day for these 'Friends of the Light'. But being naked is not enough: not only do they not wear clothes but they also don't drink, smoke or eat meat. For them nudity is part of an overall aim to become better people. Founded at Thielle, Switzerland, in 1937, the camp has never before opened its doors to an outside photographer.
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en Naked in Paradise

cov/bib_nakedinparadise.jpg - Author : Michael Von Graffenried
- Editor : Dewi Lewis Publishing (UK)
- ISBN : 189923585X
- Date : 08-1997
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de Naked in Paradise

- Author : Michael Von Graffenried
- Editor : Benteli Verlag, Wabern
- ISBN : 3716510637
- Date : 1997
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fr History of Montalivet and Naturists of Médoc

cov/bib_histoiremonta.jpg - Author : Marc Alain Descamps

fr Oh My Holidays

- Author : Philippe Ragueneau
- Editor : Albin Michel
- ISBN : 2226014861
- Date : 05-1982
- About : Holidays... holidays... It can be for the better or the worst, it depends... In any case, for Sylvie as for me, it was a bad beginning! The summer residence in Ardèches that my friend Gaston has offered to us, did not keep its promises: the pool was not functioning, the TV has died, but on the other hand, we inherited his grand-father - usually drank before 6 pm! - of Fifi, a merry young imp, of Néron the cat, of Arthur the dog, of the ducks Dupont-Dupont, - in short, a crowd which was not in our ordre du jour! Hopefully, we finished out to fraternize with all this little sympathetic world, and, together, we went in search of the paradise: the sun, the pool and the TV. And where could we find all that? In a naturist camp, naturally...
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fr Bare Naked

cov/bib_toutnu.jpg - Author : David Sedaris
- Editor : Serpent à plumes
- Collection : Comédie
- ISBN : 2842611357
- Date : 06-2000
- About : This biographic story, absurd and joyful, partly takes place in a naturist world.
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fr La Levantine

- Author : Thierry Séchan
- Editor : Editions du Rocher
- Collection : Littérature
- ISBN : 2268047334
- Date : 08-2003
- About : A love story which happens on the naturist Isle of Levant, between a 42 year-old writer and a 14 year-old girl. The writing style is average.
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en HOLY NATURE: A Celebration of Naturism in Today's Russia

cov/bib_holynature.jpg - Author : Mikhail Rusinov (Михаил Русинов)
- Editor : Body and Mind Publications
- ISBN : 0966460901
- Date : 04-1998
- About : This well written book presents a group of naturists, in St. Petersburg, Russia, who call themselves 'The Free Body Culture Society'. Filled with large color photographs of the men, women and children who make up this 'Society', this book brings the unique group to life for the reader. Some events photographed in this book include: Children's Day at the beach, Ivan Kupala (The Night of Love), and a Naturist Wedding. As well, their are interviews of the photographer, Mikhail Rusinov, and child naturist, Alla.
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fr Did you say naturist? Naturism

- Author : France Guillain
- Editor : Jouvence
- ISBN : 2883531013
- Date : 11-1998
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fr To Live Naked: Psychosociology of Naturism

cov/bib_vivrenu.jpg - Author : Marc Alain Descamps
- Editor : Trismégiste
- ISBN : 2865090264
- Date : 04-1996
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fr Nudity and Clothes

- Author : Marc Alain Descamps
- Editor : Editions Universitaires
- Date : 1972
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ru On danger of clothes and benefits of nudity

cov/bib_ovredeodejdy.jpg - Author : N.P. Alexeev - Н.П. Алексеев
- Editor : Издательство «АЛЬТА-ПРИНТ» (Alta-Print)
- Collection : Нас лечит Природа
- ISBN : 5830500442
- Date : 2004
- About : Professor Alexeev publishes here the results of his research on negative effects which wearing clothes has on our health, and also on the beneficial effects of baring our body on our well-being.
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fr In the Country of Naked Men

- Author : Louis Charles Royer
- About : In the 1930s a man discovers the 'free culture' and becomes a nudist. Naive in the beginning, with time he becomes convinced of this life style.

fr Impossible Nudity

cov/bib_lenuimpossible.jpg - Author : François Julien
- Editor : Seuil
- Collection : Points essais
- ISBN : 2020794659
- Date : 01-2005
- About : Nudity in China. What is the difference in perception with the Western society? Why?
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fr One Month With the Nudists

- Author : Roger Salardenne
- Date : 1930
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en Children of the Sun

cov/bib_childrensun.jpg - Author : Gordon Kennedy
- Editor : Nivaria Press
- ISBN : 0966889800
- Date : 12-1998
- About : A pictorial anthology from Germany to California...1883-1949, and includes short biographies of 16 individuals and 4 social reform movements. But the story is told mostly through the 144 photos, both color and black and white.
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en Theatre au Naturel: A Collection of Naturist Plays

- Author : Mark Storey
- Editor : Heureka Productions
- ISBN : 0973027029
- Date : 07-2005
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en Nudity : A Cultural Anatomy (Dress, Body, Culture)

cov/bib_nudity.jpg - Author : Ruth Barcan
- Editor : Berg Publishers
- ISBN : 1859738729
- Date : 06-2004
- About : We alternately think of nudity as a perversion and a state of innocence. Why is our response so contradictory?
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en Body Freedom Day: When a Clothed-Minded World Unraveled

- Author : Stuart Ward
- Editor : Infinity Publishing
- ISBN : 0741419459
- Date : 06-2004
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fr History of Naturism: Myth of Going Back to Nature

cov/bib_mytheduretour.jpg - Author : Arnaud Baubérot
- Editor : PU Rennes
- Collection : Histoire
- ISBN : 2753500207
- Date : 11-2004
- About : Arnaud Baubérot is a French historian.
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de Fight and Victory for Nudism: 60 Years of Service for the Public Health

- Author : Eduard Fankhauser
- Editor : Verlag Die Neue Zeit (Switzerland)
- ISBN : 3856830081
- Date : 1984
- About : Fankhauser is the founder of the Organisation Naturiste Suisse in 1927, which he presided for 50 years.
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en Recreational Nudity and the Law

cov/bib_nudityandlaw.jpg - Author : Gordon Gill
- Editor :
- ISBN : 1887471014
- Date : 06-1995
- About : A collection of 101 abstracts of cases dealing with recreational nudity and how they were handled in the legal system.
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en Au Naturel: The History of Nudism in Canada

- Author : James Woycke
- Editor : Heureka Productions
- ISBN : 0968233236
- Date : 2003
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en Cinema au Naturel: A History of Nudist Film

cov/bib_cinemaaunaturel.jpg - Author : Mark Storey
- Editor : Naturist Education Foundation
- ISBN : 0974084409
- Date : 2003
- About : The book analyzes and critiques nudist films from 1930s to 1960s, as well as contemporary naturist videos.
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fr Man and Earth (Geographic Encyclopaedia in 6 volumes)

- Author : Elisée Reclus
- Illustrator : Franz (František) Kupka
- Editor : Fayard
- Collection : Corpus des oeuvres de philosophie en langue française
- ISBN : 2213026092
- Date : 12-1990
- About : This is a partial reprint of the original work of this XIX century French philosopher, the first naturist; it includes vol. 1, 5, and 6. One hundred years ago, he noticed already the positive effect of nudity on health and morality... or more exactly of the negative effect of clothes...
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fr Carl and Parallel Lives

cov/bib_carletviesparalleles.jpg - Author : Franck dit Bart
- Editor : Michel Champendal
- Collection : Ecrivains d’Hier et d’Aujourd’hui
- ISBN : 2916233105
- About : It's a story of a guy who writes books. With two kids and a working spouse, he goes on holidays by the sea. The family has their own mind. Naturist or not naturist: that is the question!
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en Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder

- Author : Richard Louv
- Editor : Algonquin Books
- ISBN : 1565125223
- Date : 03-2006
- About : The author eloquently speaks about the restrictions being put on children today, basically growing up as prisoners in their own homes, in order to keep them safe. He has some excellent remarks and statistics - not to mention passion. The author really is able to make one wonder what it is we are doing to the next generation.
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en Nudity & Christianity

cov/bib_nuditychristianity.jpg - Author : Jim C. Cunningham
- Editor : Authorhouse
- ISBN : 1425975089
- Date : 12-2006
- About : The purpose of this book is to encourage readers to probe the reasons for wearing clothes. Today, Western convention tends to assume that 'nude is lewd', but it was not always that way...
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fr nl Camping Martinature

- Author : Manon
- Editor : World Wide Association Of Writers
- About : Claude Geluck has satellite pictures of Earth where one can spot a UFO landing (but he doesn't know that). Spies from all over the world are looking for these pictures, so they are after Claude Geluck, while he moved to a naturist camping in France. Therefore the spies must work undercover there which means in the nude and unarmed. But what nobody knows is that the aliens keep their spaceship in the camping...
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fr Naturists

cov/bib_lesnaturistes.jpg - Author : Marc Bordigoni
- Editor : Le Cavalier Bleu
- Collection : Idées reçues
- ISBN : 2846702411
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